How can I help you? Another excellent question!

It is too much to go into here of course. After all, we need to have that “chat” about your family, your dreams, your goals, how you want to create a life of fond family memories, and so on. Then, we need to “chat” some more about this: We want, together, to be absolutely sure your family and you know, and can effectively apply that knowledge to, what constitutes value here and why, what drives appreciation of value and how.

Let me close with this assurance, if I may. I shall help you to create and sustain an environment in which you can flourish. Flourish? Yes, in which you will continue to be an efficient and effective decision maker, expanding on and applying your own sophistication to our waterfront real estate market.

We want you to be fully able to take advantage of positive financial and practical conditions and to avoid those negative pitfalls in this market.

Your ultimate decision may be that our special spot is not for your family and you. But, if it is, then we want you to attain and enjoy that significance. We want you to transform your own life-long dream into your own life-embracing plan.

If I may, I should most respectfully and appreciatively ask you to consider one last condition for your visit here with us. We, together, will build that environment on the three "P's": patience, prudence and protection. We must not rush, or be rushed. We want you to be informed and act wisely. We want to make certain your every question is fully answered every step of the way in your own process.

Thank you for your valuable time. Enjoy our site, and let’s connect about your future. Take great care

(Read what buyers and seller say about Glenn)

Glenn just marketed a house for me a few weeks ago. He was able to close the sale within thirty (30) days. Thank you Glenn, and I really appreciate all you did!

White Stone, Va

Glenn is one of a kind! Wow! Talk about rare, after-closing commitment. After years of owning a great lot on the water, I can STILL count on Glenn's customer service! If there's ever an issue to address or question about our property, all we do is call Glenn and he takes care of the rest, to our  100% satisfaction! He's the best; he goes above and beyond to serve his clients and customers.

Weems, Va

I highly recommend Glenn Cockrell. I know he has over a thousand real estate transactions in his own area, but he was also extremely helpful with a piece of property located in Georgia. He was able to review the entire development and, with his knowledge and experience, quickly able to determine  the best value from a quality and long-term investment perspective. Glenn knows how to interpret his clients' needs and determine the best real estate value for the individual client and was a dream to work with.

-Martin Harrell
Saint Marys, GA

Very experienced professional w/ extensive grasp of not only the local real estate market, but all the ancillary resources required to advance a sale. We were delighted w/ results obtained & no need to worry about his integrity as he's earned his excellent reputation over many years.

White Stone, Va

Glenn was beyond helpful after we first connected. Too, he made sure we knew the lower Northern Neck well, warts and all. We just love our home.

-Bill and Sara O.
Bethesda, Md.

We were impressed by Glenn's authenticity, even as we met by email. As he promised, he did not say good-bye at the closing table. He was so helpful after closing with our uncertainty about contractors, etc.

-Gennie and John W.
Columbia, S.C.

Glenn's help was terrific. Honestly,­ at first his methods seemed a little corny. But later in our process, they proved to be invaluable, even more so after closing.

-T.W. and Ruth S.
Charlottesville, Va.

We were confident in our use of Glenn as our listing agent because he assured us that his firm and he would never represent a buyer specifically for our property. Our best interests really were his only interests for our property. He got us a great price!

-Frank and Susan V.
Great Wicomico River

The land market remains a tough market for sellers, but Glenn really did a great job for us. Apparently. we are one of the lucky ones.

-Ray and Margaret B.
Rappahannock River

Overall, Glenn did a great job as our listing agent. His preparation of our home and site was a major factor in our most favorable selling process.

-Sue and Tazwell A.
Weems, Va

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