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Glenn Cockrell

Well, if you are reading this welcome message, you are looking to pick up a home or a parcel, on which you can build. I sincerely hope you will call, text, or email me, so we can “chat” about how I may help you to help your family and you, as you seek not just to pick up some real estate, but also to transform your living into your life.

What do I most respectfully and appreciatively mean by that last remark: transform your living into your life? Excellent question!

May I ask you to consider that you want to pay for some real estate? But, further, that you really want to buy the benefits of that real estate? You see, a wise individual once intimated: Life is like a football game. It has a first "half" and a second "half," both separated by a "half time."

He continued: You make a living, a really impressive living. But, that is no longer enough. You come to a transition, and you want to improve or elevate your "living." You want to make a "life." That is you want to move beyond your success to your significance. Most probably, you are entering, or are already in, your own "half time."

Well, I look forward very much to learning about your family and you, so I can facilitate your own transformation of your life-long dream into your life-embracing plan. This, you see, will be your process, not at all a process or the process ---------- your very own process, all about you. Indeed, together, we shall help you find your own “yes,” as we have helped over 1,800 buyers during 35 years.

I shall not sell you anything. No, I shall help you to pick up that real estate that will maximize your priorities for your family's well being and yours, while minimizing your compromises. May I ask you to consider another wise individual's comments about his family's process?

Glenn, he offered: We have been focused on our financial portfolio and plan, but now we want very much to focus on our family portfolio and plan. With your help, we have learned that while the financial portfolio's dividends are very valuable, our family portfolio's dividends are, well, priceless.

Isn't that powerful? Sure it is.

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