REVERIE - Irvington
Happy endings begin here.

We at REVERIE are dedicated to facilitating your transformation of your own life-long dream into your own life-embracing plan. Happy endings begin here. As none other than Henry David Thoreau insightfully offered: Go in the direction of your dreams; live the life you have always imagined.

After all, life is like the current in Carters Creek. It just slips along. If living is measured by success, life is measured by significance - - - meaningfulness, purpose, fulfillment. If living is defined by the number of breaths you take, life is defined by moments that take your breath away. If living is focused on that financial portfolio, life is focused on your family portfolio. And you know which dividends truly have life embracing value. Indeed . . . priceless. . . .

REVERIE at first glance is eight waterfront parcels with wonderful water views, boating - freedom deep water, and an unsurpassed location. Beyond those life - embracing attributes, REVERIE is a thoughtful collection of exceptional properties where owners and their families will create fond family memories for generations.

Yes, REVERIE is a special spot, a place that is not defined by brick and mortar, but rather is defined by people who choose to share in its wonders. By their visions and their dreams, and by the passion in their hearts. Let your heart set the rhythm, passionate about quietude, sophisticated seclusion, a restorative pace . . . .

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