Tabbs Creek Entrance/Little Bay/Chesapeake Bay

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea. . . You and me, you and me, oh, how happy we'll be. . . . The lyrics to this familiar, happy song capture the feeling of togetherness that awaits at this enjoyable, attractive home and all that it provides. Unsurpassed views of the creek, Little Bay, and endlessly of Chesapeake Bay. Imagine sitting in your home with a fire and looking to the ships' channel at night seeing the lights of life moving along with the tide.

This home has two tales: one of an older, tested portion in great condition, loved and enjoyed for over forty years; the other of a new portion that accommodates with ease of enjoyment the drawing out of the rigors of the week, if this will be a second home. Whether primary or secondary, this terrific property will restore your spirit and replenish your enthusiasm.

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