Dymer Creek

Living is measured by the breaths you take, but life is measured by the moments that take your breath away. This fine waterfront property is your destination for life. As you meander along a winding country road bordered by prime farms and forests, having left the world behind, you continue toward the sophisticated seclusion and the pristine privacy of home. A truly life-embracing setting: southern exposure, panoramic views of this tributary treasure, 6.5' MLW at the pier, five minutes to the services and conveniences of Kilmarnock, and only fifteen minutes to Chesapeake Bay, all the while cruising along beautiful, deep water Dymer Creek.

Imagine the fond family memories your family and you will create together here at home. Imagine the joys of togetherness, the irreplaceable and priceless moments with friends. Imagine a restorative pace to replenish your enthusiasm and renew your spirit . . . everyday. But stop and think, and feel, about the condition that imagining this and anticipating that are poor substitute for experiencing . . . life.

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