Dymer Creek - Chesapeake Bay

Discover extraordinary here, at this truly special place. Chart your own course to and set your own pace for a life-time of priceless memories. Indeed, a moment may pass in an instant, but its memory will last forever. While living is too often measured by the breaths you take, life is always measured by the moments that take your breath away.

Would you consider just a few such moments here, at this truly special place? All, about the joy of togetherness .... The chime of raised glasses to the sunrises and sunsets. The melodies of the sea in the rhythm of life. The enchanting stories of family and friends shared at your table-every tale told with a crescendo in the gospel of good company. Singing crickets. Lilting laughter. All, voices in the choir of joyful noise ....

Well, here, at this truly special place, its features are exquisite in the comfort of home. Like no other property in Lancaster county will provide, your family and guests and you will so richly enjoy over 600 meandering feet of pristine beach, 7' plus MLW at the pier, unsurpassed views from every room, spaces that become atmosphere in accommodating a great variety of activities, simultaneously, inside and outside. Hickory floors, a gourmet kitchen, multiple suites, fun pool facilities, 5-plus acres that have the privacy of 10-plus acres, and so much more .

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